Nosto x NES – On Demand Version

We hosted three discussions at NES with our customers, catch Princess Polly speaking on the complexities of international commerce and Champion, SkinnyDip and Nosto speak […]

5 Bright Onsite Personalization Optimizations for Black Friday Weekend

In this webinar, we reveal low-effort, high-impact tests and optimizations you can implement to improve your site’s performance during one of the busiest online shopping weekends of the year. Additionally, review performance numbers from last year’s Black Friday shopping weekend to reinforce the importance of maximizing your performance.

Segmenteringsstrategier & Testningstekniker som hjälper dig fatta rätt beslut

In this webinar, Nordic CSM Nathalie Håkansson goes through strategies and tactics that you as a retailer can use to make data-driven decisions. What role does segmentation and A/B testing play in a successful optimization strategy? Plus, examples of 6 tactics Nosto clients have deployed – and you can too – to drive the best possible results . (Please note: this webinar is hosted in Swedish.)

Webinar: Top Trends in Fashion Retail

Join Jim Löfgren, CEO of Nosto, and Rob Trauber, CEO of fashion brand Johnny Was, as they discuss the current and potential opportunities and challenges influencing the future of fashion ecommerce.

Webinar: Opportunities in Omnichannel

To explore the growth opportunities ahead for multichannel retailers, join us for a special webinar, Opportunities in Omnichannel: 3 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement Through Omnichannel Personalization. In this discussion, we’ll explore the fundamental must-know’s of omnichannel retail and 3 strategic ways to leverage this strategy to foster forever customers.

eCommerce Fashion Week Webinar Series

A webinar series aimed at helping fashion brands worldwide understand the ongoing paradigm shift within the fashion commerce industry, how it affects the expectations and behavior of their customers, and how these insights can be used to craft an authentic brand and meaningful connections to their customers.

Essential Tactics to Win at Black Friday

Black Friday weekend is one of the most epic sales weeks in your ecommerce calendar. Is your store fully prepared to handle the increase in traffic, potential profit hits and competition from other retailers and come out swinging?

Commerce Strategies for the Holiday Rush

Learn how to make this year’s the most profitable season yet (all while keeping your sanity) with these actionable tips. We’ve helped fuel Shopify Plus merchants to industry-leading success – let yours be the next!

Social Commerce Week: Visual Commerce in the Time of Instagram

In this session, Nosto’s very own Senior Frontend Developer, Jacopo Carassai, dives into how Nosto customers can create visually compelling on-site recommendations using templating tools. Learn e.g. how to connect Nosto with a third party UGC provider and add UGC variables to Nosto.